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Magical. Inspirational. Eternal.


Two souls coming together is a beautiful love story. Your wedding day is meant to encapsulate that love story and make it timeless. As your wedding photography/cinematography team, we want to capture your special day and make it last a life time. Your special day will bring laughter, joy and tears; we want to be there to capture those magical memories. We are a team that is inspired by every smile, every outfit and every dance. We will ensure that when we capture your love story, it will be emotional, unique and classy. We want our bride and groom to look at our pictures for a second but be mesmerized for a life time. Our team of 4 creative photographers and cinematographers will leave you feeling confident about capturing the magic you have created. Photography and cinematography is our passion. This is our playground. This is where we thrive, envision and become inspired. Plum Pictures will create images that will be timeless, all because two people fell in love.


Let’s create your love story.

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